Our New “Be Kind” Mural is Finished!

Be Kind MuralIn February 2014, as part of the Ben’s Bells Program and our Kind Kids Club, we created and installed  a large “Be Kind” mural on the side of building 300 (near room 301). We hope that this mural will inspire our students, staff and community to be kind to one another for many generations to come!

Many thanks to 

  • Ben's Bells Program coordinators
  • Alicia Nourse- our teacher sponsor who organized the project
  • our creative students who made the tiles
  • and the wonderful parent volunteers who installed the mural
To see more pictures click here!   


SVE Awarded ADE School of Distinction for Excellence in Civic Engagement!

  Civic Engagemen button 2 Senita Valley has been recognized by the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) for our current efforts in civic learning and engagement. The goal of civic literacy is to ensure that students have a fundamental knowledge of the general framework of their government, acquire and demonstrate the skills and traits necessary to participate as active and responsible citizens. Arizona’s Common Core Standards in English language arts and mathematics support the goal of civic literacy in various ways. Reading and comprehending complex informational text allows students to acquire extensive content knowledge about historical events, democratic ideals, processes and institutions. Communicating precisely, constructing viable arguments and critiquing the reasoning of others empowers students to paraphrase information, articulate complex ideas representing various points of view and practice the art of civil discourse. Identifying and analyzing a problem in the community provides students with the opportunity to apply what they learn through performing community service that is linked to the formal curriculum and classroom instruction. (more…)